I ink therefore I am

Day two of the Kerner/ Rorscharch tribute inkblot haiku!


Rorschach blot 02.jpg

Two Land Rovers crash

Carrying giant conch shells

And Mr Whippys




2 thoughts on “I ink therefore I am”

  1. These are funny and very creative haikus/reinterpretations, although I didn’t know what Mr. Whippy (or Wizbits, yesterday) was. Now I do! I just keep seeing large insects in these; on the one yesterday, I didn’t see Darth-chihuahuas (until you pointed them out), but something like insects and, in the middle, the back of a person [in a robe] who is kind of raising their hands as if worshipping the sun or something.

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    1. Thanks, that’s very kind. Yeah they are all a bit insecty. I remember Wizbit from my youth but until I googled the picture yesterday I had forgotten how creepy he looked! It’s best to shy away from Mr Whippy. I think it’s made from old sofas and engine oil or something.

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