A blot on the landscape

So, after googling how to spell ‘Rorschach’ for my entry for this year’s National Poetry Comp I inevitably ended up clicking link after link after link in a downward spiral of interwebular mindrot. However, before I got to the stage where I was promised that I ‘would be amazed at what Susan Boyle looks like now’ or learning how a ‘local man earns £15,000 a day working from home with this one simple trick’ I actually found out some interesting stuff about this whole inkblot thing…

It turns out that making art from inkblots has a proper name and everything. It is called Klecksography! Apparently a chap named Justinus Kerner was a bit of a dab hand at this and used said artistic methods to illustrate his poetry in the mid to late 1800’s. It was Kerner’s work which is said to have influenced the famous Rorschach inkblot test which, I also found out, only has ten inkblot images.


So, with this in mind I though that I would spend the next few weeks doing a series of Haiku based on each of the ten slides in the Rorschach test as a bit of a nod to Mr Kerner, and also because I like themes and ten is a smaller number than three hundred and sixty five! Here goes…

Number 1.

Rorschach blot 01.jpg

Chihuahuas each side

A Darth Vader Lollipop

Two Wizbits high five