September 30th 2015 – Let’s rotate the board…

Board says two minutes…

No… five minutes late… six… eight…

Ten? That’s Numberwang!


The joys of modern technology

Apologies to anybody trying to ‘like’ me posts. My site appears to have entered some kind of self destruct mode! First my like button disappeared, then other features stopped working and now I cannot access some of the settings or the reader. Clicking a link just refreshes the page.

All settings are set as they should be be but the site is not responding accordingly. I have tried several ‘fixes’ to no avail.

I will continue posting until that stops working too! I will have a go at sorting properly over the weekend but if this is terminal then I have stuff backed up to restart a new site. This would be bitterly disappointing to lose all my stats, followers, following etc.

Hopefully, however, this might be just a glitch and will magically sort itself out by the end of the day!

So (in preparation for the worst) to paraphrase the great Axl Rose:

‘This post is dedicated to all you Happy Haikuer fans who stuck with me through all the technical difficulties. And to WordPress… huh, well…’