May 31st 2015 – England’s green and pleasant land

A Sunday outing.

Timeless stations in full bloom.

Cream teas for two please!


Cheers folks!

A big thanks goes to

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This is a drop in the ocean for many but I am chuffed to bits! That is a lot of people tolerating my rambling nonsense clogging up their inboxes every day. The blog was started as a tool for a very lazy writer to force himself to write on a daily basis, if I didn’t have the support of all the follows and likes I have received I may have given up by now so thanks to all of you.

I have had the pleasure of reading some fantastic stuff over the past five months, I would like to highlight a few here:

This blog is superb, the author has a great, upbeat style with fantastic sense of humour:

You must check out some brilliant observational sketch work on this lovely site:

For a beautiful combination of poetry and art check out the blog:

I’ve really enjoyed this blog about classic literature, however, I must warn you that if you have Book Aquisition Syndrome this blog will only make things worse as you try to track down the titles mentioned to fill your already overloaded shelves!

Lastly, this site has a brilliantly simple but often hilarious idea of love letters to the days of the week. Well worth a read, it always makes me grin:

Also don’t forget to click on the icons of others who have liked my posts, there some great stuff out there! Thanks again to everybody who has visited my blog!