Wow, 1/3 of the way through my self imposed year long, commuting themed haiku-a-thon! Despite a few near misses (I think 23:57 is the closest I’ve got to failing!) I’ve somehow managed to keep going! Of great help has been the support and kind words from fellow bloggers across the globe, and also the inspiration from the thoughtful, whimsical and often hilarious posts from the creative folk I have had the pleasure of following.

So, I would like to point people specifically in the direction of some of these blogs, a couple of them I have mentioned before but all are well worth a look:

If you were ever in any doubt as to how beautiful England can be you must check out the photography on this site:

The haiku based equivalent is to be found here with some beautiful pieces of work:

For more top quality poetry look no further than:

This one I have mentioned before but is a great blog, superbly written and has something for everybody from haiku to sci-fi:

Another I have mentioned before but never fails to deliver on the hilarious cartoon front is:

So, many thanks to all those who have visited, cheers for all the likes and please check out the blogs mentioned.

Only eight more months to go…!