January 31st 2015 – First train home

Sprawled across the seats

Hair a mess, a shoe falls off.

Great night, bad morning!


Don’t try this at home.

Hi All,

First of all, thanks for all the likes, and follows. It really is appreciated.

What started out as a means for me to ensure I write something everyday has started to morph into something a little more substantial. Over the coming weeks I will also be posting up excerpts from some of my novels. This will hopefully get a bit of feedback but will also ensure I am actually doing the writing in the first place!

I have also learned a lot and laughed a lot whilst browsing some of the other blogs on here. For some awesome cartoon action check out this site. I am sure we can all relate to Jan 26th!

Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying it so far!

Paul Davies Cartoons

I love i.t.

I made a vow to myself, when I first took up with this new fangled computer stuff that I would not get frustrated by it. I’d seen others driven to distraction by the way it seems to do exactly the opposite of what you asked it. I became a bit of a geek and bought magazines that featured full colour photographs of computers with massive memories. I’ve recovered from that now, I’ve taken up bird watching.

Here’s today’s offering: done a while ago, one does not see many of those massive computer screen thingies these days except on old TV crime stories that are being re-run yet again.

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